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"TC Training Services was established in 2014. Providing high-quality customised MHE Forklift Training Courses, based on your needs both in terms of personnel and logistics. This helps your staff to gain the skills necessary to help your business grow."




We recognise that quality training is determined by a trainer's delivery, which is why our trainers will provide key information and practical skills to suit each individual trainee's needs. Our instructors will always go the extra mile to guide our trainees and to put them at the heart of our business.




What is the purpose of our work? There's no denying the fact that forklift trucks are dangerous pieces of equipment. Every year as an industry there are over 1300 forklift accidents, an average of 5 accidents per day in the workplace. Some of these accidents result in serious and fatal injuries. As a business we will do everything in our power to help prevent this from happening.